Are you looking to reach your full potential?  Do you need assistance taking your business or brand to the next level?  Do you want to optimize your natural strengths?   Or do you just need someone to hold you accountable?  With over 5 years of coaching experience, Jason has the knowledge, temperament, and passion to help you reach your goals.    Jason coaches clients in the following areas:

Personal Growth -Jason works with you to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, and helps you develop an action plan to succeed!

Entrepreneurship- Jason helps you identify your core values, how they tie into your brand, and then helps you develop a plan of action to launch or optimize your business venture. 

Performance Management-  Jason helps you identify critical antecedent behaviors that hinder performance, and assists you with developing a plan to overcome them. 

Communication & People Hacking-  Become a master communicator and learn how to quickly assess the character of others. Jason helps clients improve their people skills by 1) teaching them the basics of personality psychology, 2) how to estimate a person's character based on their appearance, personal environment, speech, and actions, and 3) How to effectively interact with people of different personality types. In addition to psychology based training,  Jason also works with you to develop more universal people skills, such as the art of listening, gratitude, and a variety of other social skills.