3 Benefits of Aspiring Toward an XXXX Personality Type

In Jungian/Myers-Briggs speak, having an X preference means being equally comfortable using two opposing preferences.  For example,  a person with STP preferences that is equally adept at using extroversion and introversion would be considered an xSTP.   Having an x preference in one of the dichotomies can be extremely beneficial, but imagine what it would be like to have an x preference in all four? A person with an XXXX personality type would be a superhuman, able to access all 8 cognitive functions with relative ease!   While actually achieving an XXXX personality type is highly unlikely, there is a lot of value in aspiring toward this impossible dream nonetheless!  Here are 3 benefits that you stand to gain by aspiring toward developing an X preference for all four dimensions of your personality.

1. Awareness of Your Weaknesses

To achieve an XXXX personality type, you'd first have to familiarize yourself with your shadow type. For those of you who are not familiar with that term, your shadow is your diametric opposite. For example,  INTJ's shadow is ESFP and  ESTJ's shadow is INFP.   Your shadow type is great at everything you're weak at, so learning more about your shadow can help expose your weaknesses.  You also become a dysfunctional version of your shadow while under extreme stress, so learning about your shadow can also help with stress management.  To get familiar with your shadow, try hanging around people with your shadow type.  Also, familiarize yourself with your shadow's personality profile and attempt to emulate it's behavior.  You'll never become your shadow, but making this a regular practice can improve your comfort with your weaker functions. 

2. Adaptability

Maybe you have an extreme preference for introversion and need to tone it down? Or an extreme preference for Sensing which hinders you from seeing the big picture?  Defy yourself and go against your instincts.  If you have an extreme preference for introversion, try going out with a large group of friends.  Or, if you have a extreme sensing preference, try experimenting with new ways to do things.    It'll be uncomfortable at first, but if you keep at it you'll start to notice yourself becoming more adaptable.  Situations you were once uncomfortable in will not bother you as much, or maybe the discomfort will disappear all together!  

3. Better Ability To Relate to Others

As you attempt to achieve the XXXX personality type, you'll notice that your ability to relate to others will improve.   For example, if you're an extrovert you'll become a better listener by practicing introversion, and vice versa.   Practicing the opposite of each of your preferences will improve your ability to relate to people with a wide number of preferences.  You'll become more comfortable with perspectives that differ from your own, and will be more confident in social interactions.

Becoming an XXXX may be an impossible task, but pursuing this noble quest can help you become a more well rounded person. Learning more about your shadow  type and defying your instincts may not lead to you becoming XXXX, but the benefits you'll gain will be invaluable.