Three Reasons That Ps Excel in Pressure Situations

Perceiving is the preference that causes us to hold off on coming to conclusions in favor of taking in more information.  With that being said, people with a strong preference for Perceiving prefer flexibility, are adaptable, and prefer to put off decisions until absolutely necessary. 

However, people who prefer P are also capable of razor sharp attention, Herculean stamina, and quick decision making in times of crisis.  Here's three reasons why many Ps excel under pressure. 

#1 Perceivers  Have a Lot of Practice 

People who prefer perceiving typically end up in pressure situations more often than people who prefer judging.  Ps are more likely than Js to wait until the last minute to head to an appointment, complete an assignment, or pay a bill.  This leads to more practice under the gun, and increased comfort in crisis situations. 

 #2 P's Are Great Improvisers

People who prefer Perceiving  typically are comfortable with uncertainty and are quick on their feet when action is needed.  While Judgers prefer to plan and then act, Perceivers prefer to react to stimuli and then quickly respond.  Perceivers absorb what's going on around them, and use this information to inform their actions.  However, this is not a thinking process as much as it is instinctual. They simply react.  This approach serves them well in times of crisis.  

 #3 They Are Comfortable with Uncertainty

Judging is the preference that causes us to bring things to a conclusion.  However, in crisis the outcome is often uncertain, and this is the antithesis of Judging.  Many people who prefer Judging are great at contingency planning, and this often helps them resolve their discomfort with uncertainty.  

For Perceivers, uncertainty is a natural part of life. Outside of work and important matters, many Perceivers just let things happen and go with the flow.  They do not know what their plans are for next week, let alone this evening! They just let things happen.  This makes them very comfortable dealing with the uncertainty associated with high pressure situations.