#Q&AwithJay: How to Get Along with My ENTJ Boss?

Hello all.  I received an email from Joseph T. of New York, asking about how to get along with his ENTJ boss.  Here’s his email:

"Hi Jason.  I’m reaching out because I just started a new job, and want to know how to get along with my boss.  I was told by a co-worker that he’s ENTJ , and that he’s an absolute drill sergeant.   All my co-workers are afraid of  him, and I’ve heard all type of horror stories about how he’s degraded people and their work.   However, there’s one person in the department who he always speaks highly of and whom he respects, and I want to be the second. How do I get on the good side of an ENTJ?

Joseph  "

Hi Joseph, thanks for the question.   Assuming that your boss scored ENTJ there’s a few pointers I can suggest:

1.       Demonstrate Competence

   The number one thing that most people with an NT preference hates is incompetence. Therefore, show your new boss that you  possess valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities that are relevant to your work.  NT types prefer working with competent people, and often times have limited patience for individuals who they feel do not provide value.  Also, show your boss other skills you possess that aren’t necessarily related to your work, but could be used for the good of the organization.  Your boss will find a way to incorporate those skills, as people who score ENTJ typically  pride themselves on assessing people’s strengths and putting them in the proper role.     

2.       Learn His Strategic Plan

 Every NT approaches their work with some sort of strategy. This is especially true for people who score ENTJ.   Learn his strategy for the department, and figure out how you fit into it.  The best way to do this is to probably ask him directly.   He will likely appreciate your inquisitiveness.   Once you know how you fit in, provide value in that area.

3.       Solve a Problem

Are there any processes in the department that can be improved?   Can you use your knowledge, skills, or abilities to solve it?   Solving a problem will demonstrate to your ENTJ boss that you think outside the box, have valuable skills, and are competent.  


Hope that helps Joseph,


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