Which Components of Human Personality Have the Most Income Potential?

I’m sure many of you in the Myers-Briggs/ Jungian community have seen the infographic that highlights income based on personality type.  If not, check it out below.  According to the infographic, ENTJ makes the most money, followed by ESTJ.   But what do these two types have in common?  They both share the same dominant cognitive function.


For those of you not familiar with personality theory, the cognitive functions are the eight building blocks of our personality types. Each of us use all eight functions, but are more comfortable with some and less comfortable with others.  The order in which you use the functions determines your personality type, and your dominant function is the one that you feel most comfortable using.

So what is the commonality between the ENTJ and ESTJ personality types?   Both of these types use Extroverted Thinking (Te) as their dominant function.  Te is the function that focuses on logically arranging our external environment. Te causes us to set goals, and then conspire to control our external environment to bring our objective to fruition.   Often times, Te causes those who use it as a dominant function to choose careers in management, law, or entrepreneurship. Each of these careers have high income potential, which would account for why ENTJ and ESTJ have the highest income among the 16 types.  Further evidence for the power of Te is that INTJ and ISTJ (who both utilize Te as their auxiliary function) are also among the top 6 bread winners of personality types.      

Which Function Comes in Second?

So which cognitive function is second most valuable in terms of income potential? If we look at the list, we can observe that ESFJ and ENFJ are the only two types in the top 6 that do not use Te as a dominant or auxiliary function.  So what do they have in common?  The dominant function for both of these types is Extraverted Feeling (Fe).  Fe is the function that focuses on the feelings of others and creating warmth in relationships.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often associated with career success, and Fe is the function that is most associated with the characteristics of EQ.    A more successful career equals more money, which accounts for why ESFJ and ENFJ are also among the highest paid personality types.