#FamousFriday: EL Presidente, the ENTP

Welcome to #FamousFriday!  Every Friday, I’ll profile a celebrity, athlete, or politician and share my insights on their personality. On the inaugural edition of #FamousFriday, I’d like to profile none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The president and I actually have a lot in common.   We are both lefties, both live in Hyde Park, and are both Presidents (though a 125 member organization pales in comparison to an entire country). We are also both dating/married to lawyers, both have the same ascendant and descendant nodes in our astrological charts, and are both ENFP personality  types  according to this 2008 article in Slate.   While the idea of the President and I being personality twins adds to our already vast array of similarities (we also both didn’t make the NBA), I have to admit that I do not believe the President is ENFP.  I believe that President Obama is ENTP and I’ll explain my reasons.

The President has a preference for Extroversion

 People who prefer Extroversion (E) recharge by being around others. Socialization gives them energy, hence they typically seek out social interactions and develop a large circle of friends and interests. The President definitely appears to prefer extroversion.  Extroverts are often gregarious, and the president definitely appears to enjoy bantering and joking with others which can be see in the video below.



He also appears to enjoy the spotlight and almost seems energized when he gives a speech.   Lastly, he appears to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances.   Most of the restaurants in Hyde Park have a picture of him and their owner, and there are plenty of people in the community who attest to how social he is.  


The President has an Intuitive Preference

People who prefer Intuition (N) are speculative, abstract, and theoretical. They make inferences based on what they experience, and like to "read in between the lines".  They communicate using concepts and symbols, and often speak in metaphor.  

The first area where the President’s preference for intuition can be seen is in his speaking style.  When communicating, he often makes use of metaphors and imagery.   His “Change” Campaign in 2008 was a perfect example of his intuitive communication style, as he was able to rally supporters around a vision of a better future. President Obama’s campaign strategy in 2008 was also indicative of his intuitive preference as he departed from traditional fundraising methods, forever transforming the way candidates run campaigns and fund raise.  During his presidency, his desire to reform health care through the Affordable Care Act is a classic sign of an intuitive preference as most who prefer this function enjoy making changes and improving systems.  

The President has a Thinking Preference

As I stated earlier, the article in Slate Magazine typed El Presidente as an ENFP (making us personality twins).  While I feel that my personality and swag is indeed presidential , I feel that the Thinking Vs Feeling dichotomy is where our personalities depart.  It is my opinion that the President has a thinking preference.  People who prefer Thinking (T) make decisions on what they perceive to be a set of logical principles. They do not consider their feelings or the feelings of others as much as they do the facts.

 When combined with Inutition, the Thinking preference creates the Analyst Personality Style (also known as the Rational Temperament).    Analysts tend to be analytical, reserved, and even tempered.  They are knowledge seeking, master debaters, and highly intelligent.   One of the “presidential” qualities that Mr. Obama exhibits is his calm, cool under pressure demeanor.   This is typically a signature clue that someone is an Analyst, as they tend to have a high degree of regulation over their emotions.  The president’s degrees in Economics and Law also point to a thinking preference, as these are professions that Analysts typically choose.    

Lastly, if President Obama had a Feeling preference one would assume that his record would be in alignment with strongly held beliefs and his party’s values.  This has not been the case as the President has been mostly centrist, upsetting those on the left who wanted him to be a stronger champion on social issues and those on the right who desire a more conservative way of governing.

The President has a Perceiving Preference

People with a Perceiving (P) preference tend to take a more flexible approach to life and like to stay open to information.  They tend to prefer deadlines that can be easily changed, prefer to go with the flow, and are comfortable with unexpected changes of plans and occurrences.   Perceivers tend not to be micro managers, and give their subordinates autonomy to do their jobs.   While this can be an effective form of leadership, it leaves open the possibility for mishaps to occur such as the White House party crashers incident and the tragedy in Benghazi  if oversight is not sufficient.    However,  people with a Perceiver temperament have an ability to go with the flow, a strength that President Obama needed when authorizing the attack on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in such a short window of time.   

So there you have it, the President is an ENTP personality type