#FamousFriday: Breaking Down the Griffin Family

family-guy personalities.jpg

This edition of #FamousFriday goes fictional as we profile one of America’s favorite families, the Griffins.  Family Guy is the creation of Seth McFarland, and chronicles the life of Peter Griffin and his family in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island.   The Griffins are actually an interesting bunch, and I believe the combination of their personalities is what partly leads to their interesting adventures.  Today, I’ll share my impressions on what I believe each of their personality types is.


Peter Griffin (Explorer| ESFP)-  This one was easy.  Peter is a stereotypical ESFP.  Loud, rebel rousing, with a penchant for good food and beer.  Peter is extremely social, is a prankster, and enjoys hanging out with Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland at the Drunken Clam.

Lois (Manager| ESFJ)-  Lois is an ESFJ. She is very friendly, a great host, cooks 3 meals a day, and keeps order in the home.  She was the All-American girl growing up, as she was a cheerleader and model when she was younger.  

Chris (Explorer | ISFP) –Chris’s intelligence level (or lack thereof) makes typing him difficult.  I think we can all agree his primary personality type is DUMB.  The fact that his character hasn’t really been developed also makes typing him challenging.  But if I had to guess, I’d go with ISFP as he’s extremely shy and quiet and is a good sketch artist.

Meg (Inspirer | INFP)- Meg strikes me as an INFP still trying to find her place in the world.   An INFP who hasn’t “found themselves” can be prone to issues with self-esteem and confidence.  Plus all NFs seek acceptance from others at some level, and Meg is an extreme depiction of this. 

Stewie (Analyst | INTJ)- Stewie’s sinister and calculating nature makes him the perfect candidate for an INTJ gone bad.   He’s extremely strategic, analytical, and has his own laboratory. He uses his superior intellect to build everything from time machines to stun guns, and does not engage his emotions when making decisions. 

Brian (Analyst | ENTP) -Brian is inquisitive, Ivy League educated, enjoys a good martini, and couldn’t finish his first novel.  He frequently engages in conversations about politics and philosophy, and has a disdain for self-help books, even though his became a best seller.   Sounds like an ENTP to me.


Additional Insights

1.      I find it interesting that a couple as confident and outgoing as Peter and Lois would raise three introverted, reclusive, socially maladjusted children.  


2.      Quagmire is ISTP, Joe is ESTJ, and Cleveland is ISFJ.  


Do you agree with my assessments? Disagree?  Feel free to comment below.